Saudi Airlines Catering Co. signs $720m deal with Red Sea Global:


A SR2.7 billion ($720 million) deal has been signed which will see Saudi Airlines Catering Co. provide laundry services for hotels at Red Sea Global’s tourist developments.
The agreement was announced on the Saudi stock exchange, Tadawul, and SACC expects the deal to start showing up in its profit margin by the third quarter of 2025.
The 20-year contract will see SACC operate laundry services for hotels, resorts and other facilities located within the destination. The deal is the latest struck by RSG as it gears up to opening to visitors later this year.
The announcement on Tadawul noted that the deal will boost the business sustainability of the SACC “by increasing the company’s cash flow and enhancing the company’s business.”
It added: “This contract is part of the strategic plan implemented by the company to attract investment opportunities in new industrial and tourist cities, noting that this contract will be subject to The Red Sea Global Board of Directors’ final sign off.”
RSG is set to operate 50 resorts by 2030, with up to 8,000 hotel rooms and over 1,000 residential buildings spread across 22 islands and six inland areas.
Three of these resorts will open this year, and it is also set to welcome domestic flights and travelers to its airport RSG has been keen to involve Saudi firms in its development and operation.
In March, it organized a series of local and regional meetings highlighting projects being developed along the Kingdom’s Red Sea coast, as well as partnership opportunities with the company, in a bid to attract local bidders.
By the time the first of these meetings was held, 70 percent of existing contracts had already been awarded to Saudi companies. Alongside this, the company is working to ensure half of its workforce are Saudi nationals.
A significant SR2.7 billion ($720 million) deal has been signed, with Saudi Airlines Catering Co. (SACC) set to provide laundry services for hotels at Red Sea Global’s tourist developments. This 20-year contract will bolster SACC’s business sustainability, enhance cash flow, and contribute to its profitability. Red Sea Global’s ambitious plans to operate 50 resorts by 2030, along with its commitment to involving Saudi firms in its development and operation, create substantial opportunities for the hospitality and tourism industry. In this dynamic landscape, BM Events, a trusted provider of Casual on-demand staff, can play a vital role in helping hospitality businesses stand out and deliver exceptional customer service. With a team of trained professionals ready to meet service needs, BM Events can ensure consistent high-quality experiences for visitors, making them the ideal partner in pursuit of excellence in the flourishing tourism sector.

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