Liwa Date Festival welcomes 34,000 visitors in three days:

Since its kickoff on July 19, 2023, the 19th Liwa Date Festival in Abu Dhabi has attracted an impressive crowd of 34,000 visitors in just three days. The event, set to continue until July 30, is the result of a collaboration between the Cultural Programmes and Heritage Festivals Committee of Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Heritage Club.

Under the auspices of Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of the Presidential Court, the festival has introduced a new format for this year. Designed to foster connections among producers, businesses, and investors, the event features 23 main competitions offering 293 prizes, totaling Dh8.3 million. These initiatives aim to showcase, encourage, and reward the crème de la crème of the industry while also providing an assortment of pavilions and stalls.

Held in conjunction with the Year of Sustainability, the Liwa Date Festival represents a key heritage and tourist attraction for Abu Dhabi. The event illustrates the substantial cultural, heritage, and economic influences that dates have had on the UAE. Additionally, it offers visitors an opportunity to delve into the world of dates and sample popular varieties cultivated locally.

Furthermore, the festival presents an avenue for visitors to delve into the UAE’s cultural and heritage landscape via a bustling market, national pavilions, council sections, and craft corners. With 165 shops and pavilions showcasing products from productive families and national institutions, as well as food carts and mobile cafes, the market caters to a diverse array of tastes and preferences.

Such a bustling event naturally creates ample opportunities for the hospitality industry. With a massive influx of visitors, demand for hospitality services is bound to increase. Hotels, restaurants, and other related businesses stand to benefit significantly, potentially leading to heightened profitability and increased visibility in a competitive marketplace.

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