Abu Dhabi: The New Monaco of the Middle East

There’s a new gem in the Middle East, shimmering brightly in the desert.
The Scuderia Ferrari Club unreservedly labels it as the ‘Monte Carlo of the Middle East.’ This distinction belongs to Abu Dhabi. For the most die-hard Ferrari and F1 enthusiasts, Abu Dhabi has become synonymous with thrills and luxury.
The city will host the 14th F1 race at Yas Marina on November 26th, marking another milestone in its journey to becoming the Middle East’s Monaco. But Abu Dhabi isn’t just about high-octane weekends. The UAE’s capital has metamorphosed into a global destination for millions of tourists, a prosperous home for an expanding population, and a magnet for significant investments. Its reputation for lifestyle, safety, and prosperity is rapidly growing.
A report from Abu Dhabi’s Department of Community Development (DCD) in March outlined improvements in quality-of-life indicators. Notably, work-life balance among the emirate’s citizens and residents experienced an uptick, reflecting the overall enhancement in living standards. This development has resulted in a higher happiness index, soaring from 7.17 to 7.727 points, and an increased life satisfaction index, from 6.68 to 7.1258 points.
There’s also been an improvement in the work-life balance index, from 36.6 percent to 52.6 percent. A contributing factor to this well-being could be the city’s exceptional safety. This year, Abu Dhabi was named the world’s safest city for the sixth consecutive year, a testament to its residents’ sense of security.
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