Middle East Tops the Charts in Global Tourism Revival

As the world grapples with post-pandemic tourism restoration, the Middle East emerges triumphant. An enlightening report by HSBC Global Research showcases that in the initial quarter of 2023, the Middle East was the only region that fully restored its tourist arrival rates, boasting a 15 percent rise from the 2019 benchmarks.

While Europe steadily follows by regaining 90 percent of its former visitor footfall, the HSBC study underscores the Middle East’s notable GDP contribution from tourism, at a towering five percent. This revelation portends a potentially prosperous year ahead for the region. Saudi Arabia and Turkey, in particular, have shown commendable resilience, nearly matching their pre-pandemic tourism flow by Q1 2023.

When considering the GDP percentage drawn from tourism, Asia Pacific secures the second spot, just after the Middle East.

HSBC Securities and Capital Markets Economist, Maitreyi Das, remarked, “The Middle East’s recovery in the tourism sector stands unmatched. Notably, it’s the foremost global region to surpass pre-pandemic figures. With Qatar and Saudi Arabia leading in tourist arrivals for Q1 2023, and Turkey ranking fourth in tourism receipts worldwide, there’s an air of optimism.”

In a public perception analysis, 40% believed the Middle East’s tourism sector has made a complete recovery, while another 20% expect full recovery by the end of 2023.

Dubai’s success narrative in tourism deserves a special mention. Not only has the emirate surpassed its own remarkable 2019 performance, but the Dubai Media Office also attests that the city has become the world’s most rapidly recuperating destination. Having hosted 8.55 million tourists in the first half of 2023, Dubai effortlessly surpasses its prior record of 8.36 million from H1 2019.

To put things in perspective, the United Nations World Trade Organisation anticipates global tourist arrivals to achieve 80-95 percent of the levels seen before the pandemic this year.

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