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Every year United Arab Emirates National Day is marked on 2 December. Dubbed the Spirit of the Union, the date marks the unification of all seven Emirates into one nation. From dazzling firework displays to elaborate parades and glittering ceremonies, UAE National Day is a time when locals and expatriates gather together to celebrate. 

The UAE National Day commemorates the unification of the seven emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al-Quwain, Fujairah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah – into a single, sovereign nation on December 2, 1971. This historic event, led by the visionary leaders of each emirate, marked the end of British colonial rule and the beginning of a new era of collaboration and shared destiny.

A time to celebrate:

From homes and streets to people and cars, the colours of the national flag are everywhere you turn in the run up to UAE National Day. Shades of red, white, black and green bedeck every aspect of Emirati life, while flags flutter from atop landmarks across the nation. Being a public holiday, UAE National Day brings families and friends together in a day of celebration and contemplation.

In each Emirate the local corniche is always at the heart of the action. Vibrant carnivals wind their way along the waterfront as colourful floats resplendent with images and effigies of Sheikh Zayed draw cheers. Often, beaches turn into outdoor galleries for the day with sand sculptures. To round up a day of celebrations, locals take to the streets to watch fireworks light up cities across the Emirates.

Taking place annually in Abu Dhabi at Zayed Sports City Stadium, the official UAE National Day celebration is a theatrical extravaganza. A powerful show complete with aerobatic displays, rousing performances and inspirational speeches; all imbued with a sense of national pride and courage. Underpinning the immersive event is the legacy of the UAE’s founders, and their spirit that endures still today.

Where to celebrate the UAE’s 52nd Union Day:

Sheikh Zayed Festival (Friday, December 1 to 3)

The ongoing Sheikh Zayed Festival in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi, has unveiled a lineup to mark the 52nd Union Day of the UAE.

During the three-day celebration, visitors can expect to see firework displays, drone shows and fountain shows featuring a fusion of lights, the colours of the UAE flag, music, and laser displays from the Emirates Fountain, one of the largest water fountains in the region.

Global Village (Friday, December 1 to 4)

During the Union Day break, celebrations will be held all over Global Village. The entry gates and the carnival will showcase a special light display for Union Day. According to Global Village, there will be Union Day themed performances, including an opera titled ‘Vision of the Emirates’. The opera will highlight the UAE’s rich cultural heritage and accomplishments.

Expo City Dubai (December 5 to 12)

The official Union Day ceremony will be held at Expo City Dubai on December 2 and will be broadcast live on all local TV channels, as well as on the official Union Day website –

You can also attend the public ceremony at Expo City Dubai from December 5 to 12, which will have performances related to UAE’s sustainability journey and its vision of a sustainable future. It will also depict the roots of Emirati culture and heritage, and illustrate the legacy of the ancestors and the relationship between tradition and technology.

Reflection and Aspiration:

Beyond the festivities, UAE National Day is a time for reflection and aspiration. It prompts the nation to acknowledge its achievements, appreciate its cultural diversity, and reaffirm its commitment to the principles of tolerance, innovation, and progress. The day serves as a reminder that unity and collaboration are the cornerstones of the UAE’s success story.

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