Dubai’s Push to Be the Next Unicorn Hub: Welcoming Indian Billion-Dollar Startups

Dubai is taking purposeful strides to fortify its stature as a leading global financial and innovation nexus, and the Indian startup ecosystem is taking note. The CEO of the Dubai Development Authority, Haider Badri, recently shared the emirate’s ambitious D33 economic agenda, aiming to nurture and welcome 30 billion-dollar “unicorn” startups in the next decade. Impressively, several Indian unicorns have already made Dubai their business haven.

For those new to the term, a “unicorn” is a startup, yet to go public, valued at over $1 billion.

Badri elaborated on Dubai’s intent to strengthen ties with Indian tech enterprises and burgeoning startups, harnessing the potential of their innovation-centric models. “Almost a third of the startups in Dubai’s thriving ecosystem hail from India. This harmonious blend of cultures, combined with a robust economic pact, makes this partnership particularly promising,” he noted.

The United Arab Emirates, with Dubai at its forefront, isn’t new to innovation. It stands as a pioneer, having established the globe’s singular Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence in 2017. The nation has championed a slew of avant-garde tech initiatives, like the Dubai Blockchain Strategy and the inception of the Dubai Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority.

The D33 agenda seeks to propel Dubai’s GDP from 400 billion dirhams to a staggering 800 billion in the forthcoming decade, channeling growth from a diverse range of sectors.

Incentives to attract international talent and businesses are aplenty. The Department of Economy and Tourism offers an all-inclusive service, aiding businesses to smoothly transition to Dubai, from obtaining licenses and visas to easing their settling-in process.

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