Dubai Embraces Sustainability with EarthSoul Music and Arts Festival

Dubai is all set to elevate its sustainability game by hosting the much-anticipated EarthSoul Music and Arts Festival this December. Slated for the 8th to the 10th, this unique event will be held at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, resonating perfectly with UAE’s vision for 2023 – the Year of Sustainability.

Over the three days, attendees will be treated to a mesmerizing amalgamation of music, art, and a profound message on marine conservation and combating plastic pollution. The festival’s line-up boasts of global sensations including Anne Marie, RedOne, Mustafa Ceceli, December Avenue, Girish and the Chronicles, and several other musical maestros. The platform will seamlessly merge art and sustainability, using music as a catalyst for positive environmental change.

Pragna Vaya, Orbit Events’ Managing Director, encapsulated the essence of EarthSoul Festival, describing it as a place where “art and sustainability converge in celebration of our planet.” The event embodies a powerful philosophy that real change begins with individual responsibility. Its goal is not only to entertain but also to enlighten, invoking deep reflection on our environmental responsibilities.

Local Emirati superstar, Arqam, whose music often resonates with themes of environmental conservation and peace, expressed his elation, stating, “Representing the UAE at Dubai’s premier eco-conscious music festival is a true honor. I’m gearing up to curate an experience that celebrates Earth, art, and music in its full splendor.”

But that’s not all; the festival promises a holistic experience with workshops, wellness sessions, and panel discussions. Attendees will delve deep into topics like marine conservation and the pervasive challenge of plastic pollution. Art installations at the event, crafted using recycled materials, will not only be visually striking but also serve as a testament to the beauty of sustainable living.

Emerging artists from Dubai’s top educational institutions will also get a chance to shine at the University Art Contest, echoing the festival’s theme, ‘Oceans of Change.’

How This Connects with the UAE’s Hospitality Sector

This festival is more than just an entertainment event; it’s a significant boost for the UAE’s hospitality sector. Large-scale events like EarthSoul bring in a flux of visitors, creating an increased demand for hospitality services, from accommodation to dining.

Moreover, BM Events, a leading name in casual hospitality staffing solutions, stands as a beacon for the events industry. Their commitment to providing top-tier recruitment and manpower solutions ensures that events like EarthSoul are staffed with the best, guaranteeing a seamless experience for all attendees.

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