Ministry in UAE Announces the Development of 15 Beaches and Introduction of New Visitor Services

The Ministry of Municipality in Doha, UAE has revealed an upgraded list of 15 beaches, now equipped with improved facilities and new services for visitors’ convenience. This initiative is part of the Ministry’s significant efforts to enhance recreational spots, including beaches and public parks, with comprehensive services.
Among the upgraded beaches are Fuwairt Beach, Al Maroona Beach, Arida Beach, Al Ferkiah Beach, Simaisma Beach, Al Wakra Beach, Sealine Beach, Al Adaid Beach, Al Mamlaha Beach (for women), Al Ghariya Beach, Zikrit Beach, Dukan Beach, Umm Bab Beach, Al Kharaij Beach (for singles), and Salwa Beach.
As part of the renovation project, these beaches now offer walkways, artistically designed shades, permanent toilets, kiosks, barbeque areas, children’s play areas, and volleyball and football grounds. Moreover, some beaches are equipped with dedicated walkways for people with special needs, providing them with easy access to the sea. The lighting systems across most of these beaches utilize solar energy, further aligning with environmental sustainability goals.
The Ministry of Municipality has issued guidelines for the preservation of these upgraded beaches. Visitors are advised against lighting fires directly on the sand to prevent environmental damage, encouraged to dispose of waste in designated containers, and urged to prioritize safety by wearing lifeguard jackets when swimming.
Popular among these beaches is the Sealine Beach in Mesaieed, renowned for its diverse range of activities such as camel riding, safari tours, and dune bashing. Al Maroona and Simaisma Beach are also prominent destinations, with their fine sand, shallow waters, and tranquil environment making them ideal for families and those seeking relaxation.
These enhancements promise not only to boost the enjoyment of visitors but also to offer fresh opportunities within the hospitality industry. BM Events, known for their superior event staffing solutions, is ready to bring its expertise to these enhanced beach locations. By leveraging their services, the visitor experience can be substantially enriched, crafting unforgettable seaside experiences for all.

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