Three UAE Cities Rank Among World’s Top 10 Most Affordable Metropolises

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah, three standout cities in the UAE, have proudly marked their spots among the top ten most affordable global cities. Kuwait city leads the ranking, with the trio following close behind.

The survey by Workyard Research unveiled Kuwait city as the most affordable urban centre worldwide. With an average monthly income clocking in at $6,199 and living expenses averaging $752.70, residents of Kuwait enjoy a significant portion of their salaries post-essential expenses.

While Kuwait might wear the affordability crown, Abu Dhabi isn’t far behind, clinching the second spot. Inhabitants of this city, on average, amass a substantial monthly income of $7,154, while only doling out around $873.10 on essential living costs.

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, occupies the third position, boasting an average monthly income of $6,245 and living costs amounting to $814.90. Both cities, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, emerge as ideal destinations for those prioritizing significant earnings paired with manageable expenses.

Hot on their heels, Dubai and Sharjah stand tall at fourth and fifth places. While Dubai residents earn an attractive $7,118 monthly, their Sharjah counterparts garner $5,229. Their respective monthly living costs are set at $1,007 and $741.30.

Workyard’s research aimed to spotlight cities where individuals can benefit from hefty salaries without the strain of exorbitant living costs. Drawing data from 20 cities, they juxtaposed average monthly earnings against living costs for 2023, leveraging information from government labor sources. The findings unveil metropolises perfect for those in pursuit of a lucrative yet cost-effective lifestyle.

Beyond the Middle Eastern domain, Melbourne, Australia, emerges as an appealing city, with a monthly average income of $7,312 and living costs hovering around $1,079.20. Oslo, Norway, another prime destination, sees its residents earning approximately $7,543 and spending close to $1,121.50 on monthly expenses.

London and San Francisco make the cut too, ranking 8th and 9th. While Londoners pocket $8,411 monthly, San Franciscans take home $9,249, albeit with slightly elevated living costs at $1,260.80 and $1,440.10 respectively.

Rounding off the top ten is Zurich, with its residents drawing a monthly paycheck of $9,222 and disbursing around $1,815.20 towards living costs.

On the flip side, New York presents a stark contrast. Despite its allure, the city poses challenges in balancing earnings with expenses. The average New Yorker receives around $4,205 monthly but grapples with a formidable $1,448 in living costs.

Workyard’s findings accentuate the disparities across global cities concerning income-living cost dynamics. For those contemplating relocation or merely curious, these cities might just be your next dream destination.

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