UAE Hotels Record Bumper Summer Occupancy of Over 80%

Dubai – Summer 2023 is looking hot, and not just temperature-wise. The hotels across the UAE are buzzing with occupancy rates soaring between 80-85%. This significant occupancy was unexpected, even catching hoteliers off guard who had anticipated a calm before the bustling September.

Unfavorable weather in Europe and unexpected circumstances in Hawaii led to a spate of vacation cancellations. Consequently, many international travelers are setting their sights on Dubai and the broader UAE. A dip in hotel rates in the region further makes the UAE an attractive alternative to European getaways.

Emerging tourist hotspots like Brazil are contributing to the increasing footfalls in UAE hotels. Additionally, the local staycation trend shows no sign of waning, as it marks its third consecutive year of popularity.

Summer 2023 has witnessed UAE hotel occupancies defy standard expectations. Occupancy has shot up by 20% from the previous year, with luxury beachfront properties enjoying an even higher demand. Notably, guests now prefer longer stays, with average durations extending to about four nights. This rise, in turn, has bolstered the daily rates and overall revenue for UAE-based properties.

Influencing factors include enticing hotel offers, such as complimentary upgrades and discounts on amenities like spa services. Events like the annual Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) have also been instrumental in this boom. Furthermore, Dubai’s evolution into a hub for the digital nomad community and the introduction of business-friendly visa types have driven demand sky-high.

Revenue data for the hotel industry showcases promising growth, with average daily rates and revenue per room seeing a substantial increase. The Global Hotel Alliance, rooted in UAE, has reported revenues exceeding a whopping $1.2 billion in the first half of 2023.

With major events like the Dubai Air Show and COP28 on the horizon, the final quarter promises even higher occupancy rates. Based on current trends, the UAE continues to solidify its position as a top-tier destination for both leisure and business travelers.

While traditional markets like Russia, India, and the GCC maintain their stronghold, emerging markets, especially Brazil, are adding a fresh dimension to the UAE’s tourism landscape.

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